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Welcome to Archaeological Recidue Analysis Lab
  • The laboratory is supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), a national research institution specializing in paleontology and paleoanthropology research in China. The paleoanthropology research commences with the excavations and fossil study on the Choukoutien site in the early 20th century. Afterward, the Institute has set up with the Department of Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology, Paleoanthropological Research Center of Choukoutien, Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Department of Paleoenvironment and other research divisions tailored for the professional research on paleoanthropology, paleolithic archaeology, and other related disciplines, making the institution reputable and influential in the global academics. ARAL is a sub-division of the Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins, with its specialization in the extraction and analysis of plant microfossil, functional analysis of prehistoric artifacts, and other areas relevant to the human-plant interaction. All team members have relevant research background of prehistoric archeology, botany, zooarchaeology, geology, Quaternary environmental studies, etc., and can guarantee the accuracy of detection and analysis. The Key Laboratory, equipped with over 30 laboratory instruments, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM), VHX-600EOS Keyence Digital Microscope Systems, Zeiss and Nikon Microscopes of different models, standard botany lab, and hand-held three-dimensional scanner, provides a powerful technical support for the research. Currently, ARAL has collaborated with a number of domestic and foreign research institutes and has yielded many research achievements. ARAL is cordially welcoming cooperation with more research institutes!